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WEIDE focus on machines which product FRP pipes, ,light pole, tanks and high-pressure cylinders. Our company has our own system for the design, manufacture and installation of composite materials equipment.

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The company's main products are used in FRP pipes, chemical tanks and automotive high-pressure cylinders. The company has a set of personnel system for the design, manufacture and installation of composite materials equipment.

Lianyungang Weide Composite Material Equipment Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction Lianyungang WEIDE Composite Materials facilities Co. Ltd, founded in 2001, is a leading vendor committed to the FRP filament winding machines for GRP pipe, FRP tank and FRP pressure vessel with application covering fields of potable water, sewage, hydro-power, engineering, chemistry, agriculture as well as marine. Company incorporates the equipment design, manufacturing and assembly as a whole. We could deliver the full production line tailed to meet your specific requirement. WEIDE has been granted quality certificate of ISO9001-2000 and owns three patents of sand feeding & mixing system in China. With more than ten years development, we have provides nearly 300 production lines for clients both domestic and overseas and won highly evaluations due to our advanced design, exquisite technology and quality service. In the future, we’ll as always tightly adhere to the operation philosophy of quality-oriented, technological innovation, first-rate service and win-win cooperation.

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4月20日,通用电气(GE)公司宣布,对LM风能公司的收购交易已经获得欧盟、美国、中国以及巴西的相关监管部门批准。收购完成后,LM风能将作为GE可再生能源集团内部一个独立... [Details]
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玻璃钢格栅板是采用模塑成型工艺制作的带有许多规则分布的矩形、方形空格的聚酯板材,具有双向同性的力学特征。可广泛应用于石油、化工电子、电力、纸业、印染、电镀、海洋... [Details]


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